SSDC50 PLUS was established in October 2003 by the first generation immigrant Gujarati Hindu Community in October 2003. An organisation committee to run the charity was elected in December 2003 by the initial 70 members and an official constitution was formulated and adopted by existing members by February 2004


  The Gujarati community is very close knit with very traditional family values. The ability to communicate in Gujarati language is very important. As this group is the first genaration immigrant community they have difficulty to integrate with British Society due to limited knowledge and command of English language. Until few years back they were living with their Brithsh born children. Now these children are educated and for employment resons they are living all around the country. Due to this they have lost support and has become difficult for them to integrate in the main steam society. Considering this and as there is no known support group for this isolated community Sneh Sangam Day Centre 50 Plus was establish. To give companionship and support they need and deserve.


Under the charitable laws of England and Wales, the Charity Commission has granted charitable status to SSDC50PLUS to support and to benifit the Gujarati Hindu Community over the age of 50 years. The aims and objectives are

To help and support Gujarati Hindu Community of both genders

Reduce the perception of discrimination amongst wide rage of public services for the elderly.

To provide services to improve quality of life for this issolated first genaration immigrant community.

Support elderly parents who care for their disable children by supporting the children and parents.

Support all major achievements achieved by all our members.

Our Activities

As there are no other organisations who provide the services and support this community require. To date we have more than 436 members and we also have a waiting list of more than 120 people wising to join SSDC50PLUS

We run 22 Day Centres per year with average attendance between 80 and 100 per Day Centre.

We also host (5) social evenings, usually dinner and dance functions with live band for entertainment which attracts an average of 275 to 350 members and their guests per event.

Day trips of various religious places of worship are organised to assist our members to understand and respect other religions.

Day trips to various interesting places and sea side are also organised. We also organised trips and holidays of diffrent countries, these holidays are financed by the members who would like to join. So far we have been to TUNISIA, SPAIN, TURKEY,MOROCCO, CANARY ISLANDS, CYPRUS, SRI LANKA AND KERALA IN INDIA, FAR EAST INC SIGAPORE AND BALI. WE HAVE BEEN WITH MORE THAN 110 MEMBERS ON CARABIAN CRUISE, AND THIS YEAR IN SEPTEMBER MORE THAM 40 WENT TO CHINA.

We have fundraised for International disasters and for other charities like Hart Foundation ECT.We have also provided our volunteers to other communitis to help them.

Our charity is based on annual Membership, and nominal charge apply to attend our day centre activities. We also raise funds from our members and our community friends to provide and to improve quality of life of our members and community.


The team is made up of members volunteers

The Team is elected at our AGM,only attending members can vote to select.

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Latest News


Next evening function/AGM will be held on 1st June 2019

at City Banqeting Suit, 219-220 Moseley Street B5 6LE. The doors will open at 6:30pm until late.

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Day Centre session on 30th April is cancelled.

Next three Day Centre sessions will be held on

14th May, 21st May and 28th May 2019 at Aston Manor Cricket Club, Church Road, B42 2LA

Day centre to be held on 30th April is cancelled.

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